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Welcome to your SisterMentorhood!

Enjoy developing meaningful connections, virtually. Explore our programs and dive in on the action! We are excited to Mentor you! 


Virtual Hot Topics

“What’s the Tea?”

Every couple of weeks our mentee models will focus on one hot topic. According to research, these topics are the most requested amongst this age group because there is a lack of awareness and space for the exchange of resources and discussion. Mentor Model is here to change that. We aspire to provide insight to our mentees so they can gain some practical resources that can be applied to their youthful lives.

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Virtual Spotlight

“Ordinary people doing extraordinary things”

There are so many empowering, knowledgeable, and successful women conquering their lives and exceeding their goals, but unless they have a gazillion followers or considered a “celebrity,” they do not get the credit they deserve. Mentor Model is here to change that narrative. We want to give them their well-deserved SPOTLIGHT. We believe our mentee models should see more people like them doing amazing things so they can know and believe that they can too, do amazing things. 

Virtual SisterMentorhood

“We are one. One in the same. We are women. We are sisters.”

This is the heart of the program. Each mentee model will be paired with a mentor model that will provide the support, guidance, inspiration, and direction needed to help navigate this crucial period of their lives. Mentor Model believes this is the key to molding our young women into confident, exuberant, and well-rounded individuals that knows she can dominate her life and take on any challenges with the understanding that she will come out stronger on the other side.


Keep up with our Mentor Models and their thoughts!

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