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About Mentor Model.

Mentor Model is an international mentoring program for teenage girls that promotes female empowerment, community, and guidance. We strive to create a safe environment for our girls to grow in their Identities while guiding them in their professional development.

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What's important to us.

Thanks to society, when we think about role models our minds automatically jump to someone famous, someone we barely know, or this idea of a "perfect," person that we can barely relate to. 


At Mentor Model, our mentors are our role models. We believe that a Mentor Model is an imperfect person that has allowed resilience and passion to lead their lives in an inspiring way. Mentor Model is the new reformed role model that every teenage girl should have access to.

Our mission is to make mentorship easy and accessible  for teenage girls globally. Our goal is to provide a safe space for candid discussions, personal growth, and professional guidance while they embrace their unique and authentic selves with trusted and relatable mentors from diverse backgrounds. 

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire and empower teenage girls by connecting them with like-minded women globally who can offer valuable resources and guidance. We aim to prepare them for adulthood, fostering a supportive environment that promotes their social and emotional well-being during this crucial stage of development.

Our Core Pillars.


Our Founder.

Big Sister Little Sister Mentoring Program, BSLS, was founded on July 7, 2008, in the top floor dorm of Wheatley Hall Dormitory at Florida A & M University (FAMU), by Aneisha Hughes, the founder and current CEO of BSLS.

FAMU is ranked the biggest, largest, and top Historically Black College or University, HBCU. BSLS mentors women and girls primarily of color to develop positive relationships in communities, campuses, and workplaces globally.

"We aim to consistently impact young women and girls of color by ensuring their individual potential is reached as lifetime leaders with access to quality resources, mentors, and programs that prepare our members for success," said Aneisha.

BSLS is now operating nationally at 19 chapters and has impacted over 15,000 women and youth since being established. Similar to any other brand story, BSLS started off as an idea when Hughes was a teenager. Initially, she was approached by the sophomore class cabinet to brainstorm and execute an event for incoming freshmen, she came up with multiple ideas, but BSLS resonated most in her heart. BSLS was supposed to originally be a semester log initiative geared to transition incoming freshmen girls, but that vision has now expanded almost 15 years later.

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