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Our Story


Role Model? Mentor Model?

What are you getting at here...

Thanks to society, when we think about role models our minds automatically jump to someone famous, someone we barely know, or this idea of a "perfect," person that we can barely relate to. Here at Mentor Model, our mentors are our role models. We believe that a Mentor Model is an imperfect person that has allowed resilience and passion to lead their lives in an inspiring way. Mentor Model is the new reformed role model that every teenage girl should have access to.


Why Mentor Models? There are other mentorship programs out there already...

Young girls do not know the true value and impact of a mentor-ship and we are here to bring more awareness. We believe EVERY young girl should be gifted the guidance and support to help them feel a sense of ownership and empowerment over their lives. We also believe it should not require a good school or an affluent address to make this a reality for our young girls. This is why we made this a virtual platform; easily accessible to all young girls around the world. Just log in and be paired with your Mentor Model. Easy as 1, 2, 3. 



Happy Girl Texting

According to research, this particular stage in development of these young girls solidifies their perception of self, their core values/worth, and the direction they choose for the rest of their lives. During this most vulnerable/ self exploratory point of their lives, support and guidance is what they need most from women who have been there already. 


What these young girls are looking for is an opportunity to connect with women who are relatable, inspiring, and motivating to help them elevate in ways they never saw possible.


Mentor Model is here to provide this.

Mentor Model is about Transformation

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