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Where Mentorship meets you Virtually, Consistently, and Effectively

Every teenage girl should have access to a mentor. Teenagers deserve a space to ask questions, express their thoughts/concerns, receive educational or career related insight, and be their true authentic selves. With this virtual platform, the process of becoming part of a sister(mentor)hood will be easy and accessible to all. 

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Own Your Power


Gain a lifelong partnership with a Mentor Model that you can relate to, confide in, and receive wisdom and support to navigate life as an independent and powerful young woman.

Share Your Power


Gift a young girl your wisdom and knowledge that you have accumulated through your own life experiences. Give her the confidence and guidance to help her channel her power to take full advantage of her life.

Let's Dive In!

Ready to Get Started?



Tell us about your PHENOMENAL self!


Who are you?

What brings you here?

What makes you so dope?

Fill out a quick survey that summarizes your phenomenal self and what you want to get out of this sister(mentor)hood. 

Get Started


Meet your

Mentor Model.


Get Ready, because THIS is where all the magic begins! 

The start of a bond that will be unshakeable. The start of your life-long journey with your very own Mentor Model. 


Show Up &

Show Out!


Attend your biweekly meetings & scheduled seminars. 


This is where you do the talking and we do the listening and exchange thoughtful information. 

If there was one word to describe my Mentor Model, it would be "empowering".

It helped me make progress when it was difficult to do so and it paved the way for achieving even more than I anticipated. I have been inspired to be more creative and to be open and willing to make improvements. 

-- Chase Laney


About Mentor Model

There is this stigma around "role models" that is our mission to shatter. Thanks to society when we think about role models our minds automatically jump to someone famous, someone you barely know...


Our Programs

This is the heart of the program. Each mentee model will be paired with a mentor model that will provide the support, guidance, inspiration, and direction needed to...


Our Mentor Models

We aim to Inspire AND Mentor simultaneously. Driven by our past, optimistic of your future, and present in the reality of our roles needed in the world. A Mentor...

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